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It all started the moment we decided to quit our jobs. In August of 2017, my fiance (then boyfriend) and I both handed in our 2 weeks notice, leaving the place we called home for 3 years from San Francisco in a month-long road trip back to New York, where we grew up. With the millennial spirit, we decided we wanted to travel. We packed our bags and headed to our first destination - Taiwan!


Taiwan was our base country for many reasons. The main one being we had a place to stay for free, and of course, for the abundance of bubble tea. We even made our way down to Taichung city where the best & newest bubble tea shops are located. It was also there where we learned the ins and outs of what makes a good bubble tea, as well as the process of starting our dream shop.


After boba-hopping across Asia, we flew back to New York in February of 2018 with a newfound appreciation for bubble tea and an aspiration to share it with the world.  However, we soon learned that there are many challenges of starting a new business. With a lot of patience and only a few nervous breakdowns, we finally made it happen. We are excited to share with you - Hello Always Tea. Come visit us because you deserve a #bobabreak!


Hello! I'm Ray, the co-owner of Hello Always Tea. I'm an NYU graduate with a major in neuroscience. While applying for med school, I realized that I was more excited about coding, so I decided to pursue a career in tech instead. I'm working as a software engineer at Waze (Google), and I help out at the shop part time. Together with Wendy, we enjoy exploring cool boba spots, including driving cross country and traveling all over Asia.


Hello! I’m Wendy, the owner of Hello Always Tea. Prior to this, I worked as a software engineer in San Francisco. My hobby is discovering new and upcoming bubble tea shops. I became fascinated with finding my perfect cup of milk tea, and as part of the process, I traveled to Taiwan (origin of boba), where I was delighted to experience the innovation & growth of bubble tea. There, I learned the art of making boba, and I'm now very excited to share my creations with the world!


Hello! I'm Boba, and I'm the mascot of Hello Always Tea. I'm a German Shepherd with a bit of Husky mixed in. I'm a bit over a year old, and I love to play with both humans and doggos. I'm not allowed inside the store, but I like checking up on it from the outside whenever I pass by on my way to the dog park. Please give me lots of attention and love if you see me around!